Mon facteur passe-t-il tous les jours pendant cette crise sanitaire ?

In the context of the health crisis, we are adapting the organization of our teams every day to provide you with the best service. La Poste's priority is to protect the health of postal workers and its customers.

As of March 27, rounds for the delivery of mail, parcels and the press will be carried out on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. This can be adapted according to local situations and their evolution.

A new organization has been put in place to allow essential services to be maintained, especially for the most vulnerable: meal delivery to seniors, medicine delivery, sanitary product delivery needed by caregivers, social bonding visits. These services will be provided daily by dedicated agents, with precautionary measures.

In order to help us meet urgent needs, we invite you to only send and order goods that are strictly necessary for you.

You will find here the other adaptations of our distribution methods.

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