La Poste assure t-elle la distribution des colis et du courrier ?

La Poste makes every effort to ensure continuity of service and a regular passage of our postmen to deliver your mail and parcels by applying a few adaptations:

  • For shipments delivered to your address (Simple or tracked mail, Colissimo without signature): your postman or delivery person will drop them off in your mailbox.
  • For Colissimo with signature or registered letters :

We adapt the delivery against signature by a delivery where your postman / delivery person can ask you by sms for your agreement for a delivery directly in your mailbox. You will receive the following SMS:

"Hello, I am your postman, I have this item (photo in the text message) to give you against signature. As part of the prevention policy against Covid-19, I suggest you drop it in your mailbox or in front of your door upon receipt of this SMS, I need your agreement by return SMS. Without your agreement, the object will be pending. You will find a delivery notice in your mailbox. Thank you for your understanding , your mailman".

Without a response from you or in the event of disagreement for a delivery directly to your mailbox, your Colissimo or registered letter will be made available to you in the Post Office or Relais La Poste indicated on the delivery notice that the postman will slip in your mailbox.

To facilitate the implementation of this modality, we need your help. If you have a customer account La Poste, please ensure that your current mobile phone number is entered there. If you do not yet have an account, it is very easy to create one by clicking here

Your email address alone will suffice.

Other methods that the postman/deliverer could use : He may ask you to put your signature on a free piece of paper that he will take a picture of or any other method that allows us to avoid direct contact and thus protect your health as well as that of our collaborator.

  • For Colissimo delivered to a Relay Point: some Relay Points are closed. When your parcel is blocked in a relay that is now closed, it can only be recovered after the reopening of the business in question. If you are in this case, you have received a notification informing you.

For parcels in transit, if the pick-up point chosen when you placed your order is closed, we will redirect your parcel to an open site and you will be informed.

We remind you that the proxy is a service at your disposal to collect a shipment intended for one of your relatives. This service can be subscribed for free online for an individual.

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