Programmer directement contrôleur ninebot Es

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how to program ninebot es controller directly
Here is the solution

Method 1 (faster, works for BMS):

Bluetooth LE enabled Windows 10 PC
You must have a valid Microsoft account to be able to access the latest version of Ninebot Flasher from the Microsoft Store

The new Ninebot serial number you want to activate available on the label under your scooter or on the box

How to do:
Open Ninebot-Flasher and connect to your scooter.

He may ask you to cast off - press the button on the scooter

once connected click on serial number it gives you the sn which should correspond to that of the ninebot box of the new controller type 4MHH4F12D3B1234

Type your new serial number in the text box. (example ES2 serial: N2GPX1234C1234)

Press Ctrl-Alt-A, you should see new buttons appear on the screen.

If that doesn't work, try updating Ninebot Flasher.
Click Write ESC Sn.

You should see your old SN appear and hear the scooter beep.
Click on Serial Number and verify that your serial number has been changed.

Log out of Ninbot flasher.

Log in with the ninebot app to register your email to initialize your ninebot account

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Method 2 (before flashing the fulldump to the ESC):

  • The full dump file [Download]
  • HxD or any binary editor capable of editing text [Get HxD]
  • The new serial number you want to use.
How to:
  • open HxD and go to File->Open . Select your fulldump file (esc139_fulldump.bin) .
  • Press CTRL+G and go to HEX address 9380 . You should see the default serial number at the right of your screen in the decoded text column.
  • Position your cursor just before the first character and start writing your serial number over the default one.
    Make sure not to use the return or delete key, or any text edition shortcut, as this could alter the file and brick the scooter.
    This is what you should get:

  • You can now save the file and close HxD. You can confirm the file has been written if the red characters turned back to black.
  • Flash the edited file using any capable programmer.
Method 3 (deprecated):

  • Bluetooth LE-enabled Windows 10 PC
  • Latest Ninebot Flasher version from the Microsoft Store
  • The new serial number you want to use
  • The Ninebot electric scooter you want to activate
  • A-brain
Step 1: Flash a CFW that allows serial number changing

Open Ninebot Flasher and connect to your scooter
Click on OpenFile
Download and select this file
Click on Flash
After Done 100% is displayed, reboot your scooter, and connect to it again

Step 2: Send the serial number changing command

Generate the command to send by clicking here [Source code]
Put your new SN in the text box and click Ok
Your command should look like this : 3e2102104e3347534b3138334a4350313139
Click on GetVersion while connected to your scooter in Ninebot Flasher
Press Ctrl+Shift+M and paste your command.
If all done correctly, it should look like this:

Press SendCmd
PressSerialNumber . _ If it worked, you should see your new Serial Number.

Step 3: Restore your old firmware
Using Ninebot Flasher or any other flashing application, make sure to flash back the old firmware you had.
You can also update using the Segway app (still valid if DRV151 or less).
Make sure you don't keep this firmware, as it might create dangerous security breaches.

it's done! :D